We are Movement, Sound & Vibration

Mademoiselle Jayne’s mixes distinguish themselves thanks to her exacting research, both from a musical standpoint and through messages implicitly delivered. Indeed, her work blends the best of electronic music, from the most atmospheric and spellbinding to the most upbeat, with jazz or rock influences. All this is accompanied by her trademark samples of referential dialogue.

Jayne Mancip has been present on the European scene for over 15 years. Her field of investigation is far-reaching. She also creates bespoke soundtracks for many cultural events: her skills are regularly sought-after by the fashion and contemporary art worlds. This modern day pin-up, with her unique style and personality, full of energy, elegance and humour, is undoubtedly casting her spell!

When developing her mixes, Mademoiselle Jayne likes to reinterpret existing narratives according to her chosen theme. This process frequently starts by uncovering an interview with a strong and committed character, then embarking upon different related searches. Various tableaux assemble and form a musical story that remains very visual. This cinematic approach to sound allows her audience to reclaim its powers of imagination.

As society becomes increasingly focused on the visual at the expense of the aural, Jayne is on the delicate mission to reconnect with this fundamental notion – to give sense.

Her mixes are studded with samples of Jeanne Moreau or Dali’s enigmatic tones, dialogues from cult films, commentary from 1950s Chanel fashion shows, or José Benazeraf’s erotic and sultry poetry. A Jacques Lacan seminar suddenly erupts in between two electro gems, humorously reminding the listener of where they are…

She endeavours to share what music and fine encounters bring her, she delights in transmitting her vibrant sounds…

''I had the pleasure to play at The Hapsenter and Sexyfish at Tel Aviv, Festival with the Silencio team & Technikart boat in Cannes ; House of Yes, Bossa Nova & Tender Trap in New York.
I am resident Dj at Annabel's and at Sketch London for many years .
I'd played also at MNKY, Chiltern Fire House, Beach Blanket Babylon , Park Chinois, Mondrian Hotel, Hutong at the Shard, Café Royal,The Gerkhin Tower, South Place Hotel, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Events, Louise Blouin Foundation for Stella McCartney, Raise fundings for UNICEF and Breast Cancer, The Other Art Fair, Galvin at Windows , Shoreditch House in London..
Then in Paris at Glazart, Batofar , soiree Artlist, Silencio Club, Nuba, L' Alcazar, Kong, La Colonie, La Java, Chez Maxims for Byzarre Love Triangle parties, Chez Moune , Andy Wahloo, Vogue Fashion Night , John Galliano after show , Stella McCartney after show, Pierre Hardy, Sandro, Who's next salon , 3.9.6 Saint Honoré ...
I did enjoy to play several time for the Festival of Fashion at Hyeres Designed by Chanel in 2015 & Kenzo in 2016 & for Design Parade at the Villa Noailles 2015 & 2016. I've met Paul Bocuse to sound design the Mandarin Oriental restaurant's opening in Geneva .
However, the Funniest part of my work was to sound designed The Art Room's Bathroom in Paris where Agnés Varda, Jeanne Moreau, Patti Smith, Jim Morrison, Salvador Dali or Grace Jones were talking to your Soul .''

Jayne as a Sound designer personalised her creations with samples of voices like Jeanne Moreau confidence , she extracts a dialog from a film author , comments from a vintage Chanel catwalk in a 50’s or some erotic poetry from the sulphurous Jose Benazeraf .. Depend on the theme, she gives this unique and peculiar Radio[lab] touch , with Reflexion and a particular Aesthetic exigency.  

Between two excellent electronic track you will be surprised to listen to Jacques Lacan seminary.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Artefact mag