It's all about a beautiful journey

My name is Jayne, a 42 years young, enthusiastic French woman living in London for 16 years. Dj & Sound Designer for as long. I managed 2 web radios in Paris and London. During the lockdown I took the opportunity to learn and develop my passion for Sound and Wellbeing .

Certified as a Sound Healing Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach, I believe Nutrition is a key - Energy and Vibrations are part of a Happy Therapy. The world is on our plate, we are the fruits of what we eat.

It's our time to embrace our positive Essence, putting aside the consequences of mental, physical health and the threat of the ecological disaster.

At ACT FOR A BETTER LIFE, we Connect with Ourselves and our Souls to feel  JOY in a Respectful way towards our Body & Mind and with Others.

Fully CONSCIOUS we will find our true PURPOSE IN LIFE.